United States

“A very entertaining one-man show…a mix of magic, mentalism and intelligent chat. He does all three impressively.”

    ~The New York Times

"In Esoterica, sleight-of-hand artist Eric Walton gets himself up in spooky guise and displays an 'I am so amazing that I amaze myself' facade. Beneath it, though, we get a glimpse of the kid next door dressing up to do magic. This makes Walton a charming mountebank, his 100-minute parade of card tricks a delight."

    ~Daily Variety

“Walton plies his trade with the utmost professionalism, prompting frequent cries of wonderment with his apparent ability to both read minds and manipulate decks of playing cards.”
    ~The New York Post

"The success of Esoterica lies in Eric Walton's full realization that a magic show should also be a theatre piece. The nattily attired, trim, shaven-headed Walton is certainly an adept magician. Making all this legerdemain especially entertaining, Walton has written the show with wit and care. This is a fast-paced, reasonably priced show that deserves to be seen by anyone interested in magic."
    ~Backstage East

New York City mentalist, Eric Walton

"Esoterica is not just mind-blowing mentalism a la Marc Salem or nifty card-sharkery a la Ricky Jay or postmodern illusions a la Penn and Teller: it is a tour of all these domains and more...Esoterica is half con, half illusion, but it's almost always astonishing. And it's 100% pure theatrical magic."

"The main appeal of Esoterica is Walton’s extraordinary sleight-of-hand and card trickery... Walton quickly establishes himself as the sharpest knife in the drawer...[t]hankfully, he has a comic’s instinct for taking the air out his own pomposity...[his] wizardry will leave you speechless and perhaps just a little freaked out."

"He commands the stage while tossing off clever one-liners and performing incredible feats of skill. He's an intellectual illusionist, a magician with a Mensa membership. As academic as that sounds, the show is a theatrical riot, a magical comedy full of dazzling card tricks and mind games."
    ~Zink Magazine

“Walton’s impeccable timing, sense of humor, and showmanship grant Esoterica the gravity of a world-class accomplishment.”

“Walton fills Esoterica with not only amazing sleight of hand, but also a good measure of urbane humor. His ability to accomplish this, while also maintaining his charming, almost Oscar Wildean demeanor, is perhaps what astounds most.” 


New York City mentalist, Eric Walton

Great Britain

"This show blends card skills and people-reading, demonstrating just what an intensely-trained intellect can achieve. Walton has created a strong, clearly defined character for himself: the sharp, flashy suit, coupled with his air of having swallowed several encyclopaedias, could have been intimidating for the audience, were it not for his charming, cheeky delivery, and determined attempts to learn the name of every audience member before the show’s end. A master of his art, Walton's Esoterica is highly recommended to all."
     ~The List

"Eric Walton's Off-Broadway hit is a masterclass in card magic and mentalism, served up with an arch intellectualism that doesn't take itself too seriously. An absolute pleasure."
     ~The London Times

"Magician Eric Walton appears king of the underworld. Walton is a consummate showman with a keen wit, always able to turn the unexpected to his advantage. With sleight of hand and humour, Eric Walton’s Esoterica pulls off quite a trick."
     ~The Stage

"With a sardonic, wicked smile and bewitching charm, Walton deftly delivers cool ‘how did he do that’ card tricks and memorable mindreading feats...Add an engaging verbal journey through the mystical, arcane, philosophical, metaphysical and psychological, and this cracking formula of contemporary magic and slick wit makes an original ‘magic show.’ Paul Daniels this definitely was not!"
     ~Latest Seven

"Truly impressive...has to be seen to be believed."
     ~The Argus

New York City mentalist, Eric Walton